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  • Bonsai Window Mobile (w/ sync) beta build 2943 available

    The Bonsai Windows Mobile beta build has been updated to build 2943

  • Bonsai Window Mobile beta build 2889 updated

    Mr Murphy as been hard at work and has posted a new beta build of Bonsai for Windows Mobile version 4.2.8. The build number is 2889. New to this build: Added support for the "Details" menu in the outline manager. From the details form, you can move the location of an outline as well as […]

  • Bonsai Window Mobile beta updated

    Richard has update the beta build of the Windows Mobile Bonsai to v4.2.8 build 2863. New in this build: Global Settings (configured from the Menu/Options/Global Settings menu) are now loaded at startup and saved when modified. There is still some more work to be done to finish this feature, but most settings are now working. […]

  • Bonsai 4.2.8 betas posted

    Bonsai Windows Mobile, Desktop, and Palm betas available.

  • User forum replacement update

    Just a follow-up on our user forums. We do have a new forum selected and installed and we are in the process of trying to migrate as much of the old forums over to the new system as possible. At this point, we are going with Invision Power Systems "IP.Boards". Right now that company has […]

  • Bonsai beta v4.2.7 build 2777 available

    Bonsai beta v4.2.7 available.

  • Comet Desktop 2.3.1 b80 posted

    Comet beta build updated.

  • DayNotez (Palm) 3.0.5 build 2905 posted

    George has update the Palm DayNotez 3.0.5 to build 2904 and can be downloaded HERE Changes in this build:– Fixed an issue which caused a crash on some systems when closing the SD archive after you modify an entry. You can find out more about previous updates to this version in our Natara User Forums.

  • Bonsai beta v4.2.6 build 2710 posted

    A beta build of Bonsai Desktop version 4.2.6 has been posted. The build number is 2710. New Fixes: Resolved issue with reading icons from an unusually formatted PRC resource file. Fixed conduit crash if user deletes both desktop and palm outline files manually outside of the Bonsai UI. Now an error will be entered in […]

  • Project@Hand 2 MSP beta build updated

    We’ve posted another release candidate for Project@Hand 2 MSP 2.6 release. This one only has some “niceties” added to in the form of a new context menu with useful things in the project list. You can now directly toggle on and off the sync and read only state of projects right on the list. You […]