Project@Hand 2 MSP beta build updated

Project@Hand 2We’ve posted another release candidate for Project@Hand 2 MSP 2.6 release. This one only has some “niceties” added to in the form of a new context menu with useful things in the project list. You can now directly toggle on and off the sync and read only state of projects right on the list. You can also now have P@H config open a Windows explorer window to the location of each project, or even attempt to have Microsoft Project open the .mpp file. These last two items make it easy to find assigned .mpp files and helps in chasing down issues where the file you are syncing is not really the one that you had intended.

Given that there haven’t been any more issues reported that relate to changes in this release, we are probably real close to making it official. Hopefully the things I just added will be useful to you and most likely won’t cause any issues since they really are not essential to the operation of the product.

Feedback via the Project@Hand beta forums please.

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