Bonsai Window Mobile beta build 2889 updated

Mr Murphy as been hard at work and has posted a new beta build of Bonsai for Windows Mobile version 4.2.8. The build number is 2889.BonsaiWM

New to this build:

  • Added support for the "Details" menu in the outline manager. From the details form, you can move the location of an outline as well as view and in some cases set attributes of the outline.
  • Added the "New Outline Options" dialog to the outline manager.
  • Added the "Outline Categories" menu to the outline manager
  • Added the View/Show menu to outline manager. This allows the user to filter the displayed outlines by category.
  • Added the View/Sort menu to outline manager. Touchscreen devices could sort the outline manager by clicking on the column header but this menu gives the non-touchscreen users the ability to sort the list.
  • Added the "Categories" menu to the outline editor
  • Changed the highlight color of the outline manager grid to use the configured active cell color configured in the global options.
  • Updated the code to have the enter key follow the global setting of "Enter key splits item text into two".
  • Fixed the keyword configuration so changes to a keyword’s category setting will be properly saved.
  • Resolved issue with the proper placement of the new child or sibling item when the current item has children. (Yes, I know that inserting a child will actually insert a sibling if the current item has no parent; to be fixed in next build.)

For those of you with it already installed on a device, you can use the “Menu/Check for Updates” to download the update directly to your device. Others can find the download link and build history in the user forums.


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