Comet Desktop 2.3.1 b80 posted


I’ve updated the Comet Beta Build with a bug fix and and couple of visual enhancements. As you can see by the screen shot to the left, Comet desktop now has some glyphs (fancy speak for simple graphics) in the column headers for “Type” “Note Icon” and “"Peak Hours”. I’ve also changed the note indictor icon (everyone say “ooohhhh” 🙂 )

The conduit was also updated with a bug fix. Comet will no properly scan all the notes on the device/handheld and add any of those that are missing to the desktop. Due to the way the conduit was trying to be efficient in the past and not have to scan all the notes, some were getting “missed” in situations where the desktop database was being rebuilt from an existing Comet note database (like after you upgrade computers or recover from a hard disk crash). There was also a case where exactly one of your notes was being skipped with each HotSync. That could make the note come and go. This fix should resolve that issue.

Although these are not major changes, I did want to get something out in the blog to let users be aware of the beta being out there. The download file can only be used with an existing full release installed since it only contains some of the files. There are no updates to the Palm application in this download.

Also, we (Rich and I) have been trying to provide a “changelog.txt” file in all of our releases which gives a history of what each build release contains. You may want to just look those over also to see if any problems you have been experiencing have already been addressed.

We’ve also been getting several requests for ports of our products to various other (none Palm OS) platforms. As far as Comet is concerned, we are considering a Windows Mobile release in the future, but no work has begun on it yet.

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