Bonsai Window Mobile (w/ sync) beta build 2938 available

BonsaiWMA new Bonsai for Windows Mobile v4.2.8 beta has been released. More details including the download link can be found in the forum.

This beta includes the Bonsai Desktop setup that installs Bonsai for both the PC and Windows Mobile platform as well as the sync component. (Sync support was actually available in the previous beta but not announced in the blog at that time).

Changes in this beta update include:

  • Added temporary support of Windows Mobile devices that use a two tier security model. Full details here. Of course, the beta has full support for devices configured with a one tier security model.
  • Moved the location of the Bonsai Desktop sync log to the "AppData"Natara directory where AddData is the Windows defined Application Data directory. This is the path that the Bonsai Desktop application looks in to find the diagnostic sync log for Palm OS devices when the user clicks the "View Diagnostic Log…" button. This now works for viewing Window Mobile sync logs when logging is configured for diagnostics (configured from the View/Global Settings menu Synchronization tab).
  • Fixed problem where newly created filters were not saved if no other changes were made to the outline. Any changes to the currently applied filter will also be remembered when the outline is re-opened.
  • Fixed display issue when a filter is applied, outlines items positioned at the top of the outline may not have been displayed if no scroll bar was required.
  • When editing an outline, the "Back" key (found on smartphone devices) will return you to the outline manager. I will be added more support for the Back key in other areas of the application in future beta updates.
  • Fixed sync issue that cause Bonsai to sync periodically while the device is connected. The sync should only occur when the handheld is connected to the PC and the outline is saved on either the PC or Windows Mobile device (or auto-saved from the Windows Mobile device).

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