Bonsai Window Mobile beta build 2917 updated

BonsaiWMA new Bonsai Desktop v4.2.8 beta has been released. More details including the download link can be found in the forum.

Changes in this beta update include:

  • Changed the handling of the OK button (on touchscreen devices) to close the outline being edited rather than exiting the Bonsai app.
  • Resolved Next Action display issue where the view would be drawn without the item text.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when inserting new items at the bottom of an outline. This was generally reported when creating a new outline where hitting enter after entering two outline items would crash Bonsai.
  • Updated code to flush pending edits before opening the Item Details form.
  • Improved the indent/outdent tab key handling so the edit focus will not be lost.
  • Fixed insert child command so it properly inserts a child if the current item has no parent.
  • The registration number will now be remembered when installing a newer Bonsai version.

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