Bonsai Window Mobile beta updated

BonsaiWMI have posted a new beta build of Bonsai for Windows Mobile version 4.2.8. The build number is 2874.

New in this build:

  • Resolved issue where no item became selected if an action caused the selected item to be hidden due to the current filter. A typical case would be for a ToDo list where a filter is used for hiding the "completed" items. Whenever checking off an item the list would no longer have a selected item.
  • Fixed problems with the scroll bar where it was not sizing properly when collapsing and expanding parents and when switching filters.
  • Updated the code to display simple items as a dash rather than a checkbox which should only be used for ToDo items.
  • Changed code so the expand/collapse handle would not be drawn when using a flat filter.
  • Relocated the folder where log files are saved. Previously, the log file was saved in the "My Documents" folder and could cause continuous execution of the sync if the "Files" service was enabled.
  • Optimized load time of outlines. Found one particular routine that was causing a significant delay during the initial loading of the outline. In the case of this 4000+ item outline, the load time was reduced by more than 50 percent. Additional performance tuning is still needed for these large outline files.

For those of you with it already installed on a device, you can use the “Menu/Check for Updates” to download the update directly to your device. Others can find the download link in the user forums.


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