Simple tool to reset defaults in DayNotez Desktop

I’ve had this setting around in my project folder for quite some time, and I’m not sure why I never publicly posted it.

DayNotez Settings Cleaner

What it does, simply, is reset most of the settings that are saved by DayNotez Desktop back to their original defaults. Stuff like window position, toolbar positions and visibility, filter settings, custom view columns and groups, etc. It’s a handy tool if you find that you’ve somehow “lost” one of your toolbars or have managed to create a custom filter setting that is causing issues. Some people “claim” that they have missing or deleted entries when really they are just hidden due to a setting. It might also be helpful for users who at one time had multiple monitors set up with DayNotez on the second monitor and now find that DayNotez starts up “off screen” with a single monitor.

What doesn’t get “reset”. Good question. Mainly the user specific settings (like the list of users that DayNotez Desktop knows about) and registration codes that are already entered. Also any setting that is normally saved in the DayNotez data base itself such as category colors, etc. (Older releases of DayNotez Desktop used to keep color settings in the registry itself instead of with the data. If you are still using one of those OLD releases of DayNotez, yes, this tool will wipe out your color prefs also…)

Keep in mind there is no “undo” once you hit that “Clear Settings” button. Nothing should get “cleaned” that isn’t easily redone via the preferences and a bit of window resizing and column setup.

If you need the tool, you can download it from HERE.

I hope to also get a chance to put together a database tool sometime. The intention is to allow you to move your data file, add and remove users, and possibly combine/import databases. That tool is a bit more work, but something I think more people may find useful. Since the work was about 90% complete on this tool, I went ahead and polished it off. Use responsibly 🙂



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