My Bad! Yes, we’re still here

Wow, sorry folks. I seemed to have goofed up big time again (nothing new there). You see, I was the one who originally registered the domain name. The second time I did it, I purchased a 5 year renewal, so it’s been a while since I’ve had to worry about it. I also had never updated the original ( email address that we provided to Network Solutions as a contact address. That email address (now 10 year old) hasn’t  been used or accessed in many years. As a matter of fact the email account was “full” and no longer accepting new mail. Therefore, when Network Solutions began emailing me to try to warn me that the domain was about to expire, I never actually got it.

SO, today when our domain name suddenly “expired”, and you were no longer able to access our web site… well, yup… blame me. We did scramble at about 4pm to try to resolve the issue. Our domain name is now renewed, but unfortunately it may take a few hours (like up to 48 hours) for the DNS servers to pick it up again.

Until “” get’s populated back on the DNS servers again you can use the direct IP address:

Thanks for all the concerned emails, forum, and blog posts worrying about if we had “closed up shop”. That’s not the case and I apologize for the scare.

PS: I’m currently at a non-disclosed location until the steam rolls off George and Richards heads…and I feel safe to come out again 🙂



— Bry

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  1. Bryan says:

    One additional comment. I’ve found that my DNS server (OpenDNS) picked up the domain name renewal quick quickly, but I still was not able to access The reason is that my router I use actually caches DNS entries to make it quicker to go to commonly visited sites. I solved the problem simply by re-booting my router.

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