Garnet Virtual Machine b2 for Nokia N8xx released.

  Jonathan Green*, an online friend of mine who is heavily into all things Nokia, has posted a short write-up with his thoughts on the latest beta release of the Garnet VM. The Garnet VM allows those that own devices such as the Nokia N800 and N810 tables to run Palm OS5 applications in a virtual machine. If you are familiar with StyleTap, then this is quite similar. The Palm Garnet VM is actually a product of Access (you know… the one’s who bought PalmSource a couple of years back… the folks who wrote Garnet itself)

Check out Jonathan’s post HERE

(*Jonathan is pretty much a gadget freak and quite familiar with Palm, Windows Mobile, iPhone and RIM devices also. Nokia/Symbian seems to be what keeps him happiest at the moment. Check out his other blog a atmaspheric | endeavors )

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