Registering Bonsai 5 for Desktop Only use.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve updated our products (but that’s another story). We realize that there are still many users of our products out there, especially Bonsai. Many of you initially purchased Bonsai for use with either Palm or Windows Mobile handhelds but no longer use those outdated devices. Eventually you may find yourself wanting to re-install Bonsai on a system that you don’t have or want to install Palm HotSync or WMDC. Here’s how you can do it.

This is meant for those that have a license for “Bonsai 5 desktop for Palm” or “Bonsai 5 desktop for Windows Mobile”. Those registration codes require that you have HotSync or MWDC installed and an old Palm or WM device to sync with.

  1. Install Bonsai 5 Desktop
  2. Run Bonsai 5 and select the “Help->Register” menu.
  3. In the “Step 2” dropdown, select “<Desktop Only Registration>”
  4. In “Step 3” where it asks you to “Enter the email used when registering below.”, instead enter either your HotSync User name or Windows Mobile Owner Name that is listed on your registration notification you received.
  5. Enter the same registration code you got from us.

That’s it. Simply put, just register Bonsai 5 as a Desktop only setup and instead of your email address, enter your device user name. Bingo. Done.


9 responses to “Registering Bonsai 5 for Desktop Only use.”

  1. I saw your post below this one for a 4th of July sale in 2010.
    By any chance do you plan on have another one this year?

  2. Since you’ve brought it up :), what are the prospects of Bonsai getting an update? Also, any chance of switching the forum back on? Thanks.

  3. I’m one of those who still use Bonsai. There is just nothing else that comes close. And unfortunately nothing at all with that functionality on the iPhone. Bonsai for iOS would be a killer. What I miss most on available iOS outliners is the ability to add dates (start, due, completion dates). And unfortunately this is also not supported in OPML. Everybody talks about doing project and task management with an outliner, but how can you manage tasks and projects without dates?

    So please, give us the so long awaited cadillac of outliners for current mobile platforms.

  4. I would also welcome an iOS version but I’m also interested in the ongoing survival of Bonsai Desktop Edition. So far it is holding up well in Windows 7, but I’d hope that it will continue to work for many years to come because I also think it’s one of the best outliners out there. It would be good if there was a way to request updates etc. (which is why I was asking about the forum).

  5. Bryan,

    Thanks for posting. I am still using Bonsai desktop on Win7 and Win8. I have been trying to migrate to OneNote but keeping coming back.

  6. I continue to DEPEND on Bonsai every day. I use an Android phone and am preparing to set up my new Windows 8 laptop. Despite exhaustive research, I have yet to find ANYTHING with the functionality, ease of use, and flexibility of Bonsai.

    I still believe there is a market for a PAID version of Bonsai, both on Windows desktop (higher charge) and on Android. There are some very popular TASK / “list manager” apps, however, most do NOT have very efficient UI’s. To really become effective, it would be nice if you looked at such apps (e.g., ToodleDo) and determine how you might integrate activity with them and/or other popular formats (Google calendar, Outlook, note apps, etc.). Syncing would be very important, but if not, even just exporting and importing. This would clearly create the best front end app for any of these programs. Without sacrificing the ease of movement/transfer of items to anywhere in the list/ copied to other lists, you should also consider incorporating some of the more task-oriented fields/features for this integration OR just as an enhanced version of Bonsai (auto prioritization [ToodleDo has a simple formula], shared lists, assigned tasks, etc.). I realize this is challenging, but I think it is doable. Because others start from a task format and sometimes too many tracking fields, they NEVER create the smooth item control you have achieved.

    Have your current users make suggestions from which you can determine the focus and most-needed functions of the NEW Bonsai. We haven’t forgot you! Still loyal users happy to see you’re still here and thinking about/ working on new releases!

    Thank you.

  7. I am currently using Bonsai Desktop 4.2.7 on Windows XP but need to migrate to Windows 7. Does this version run on Windows 7? Or do I need to upgrade to 5.0.3?

    At the moment I don’t seem to be able to purchase an upgrade from . I get an error:

    Error Diagnostic Information

    Error attempting to get the client (Client ID = ‘1817370’).

    A problem was encountered trying to access the system registry. Error number 1450 occurred.

    The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (CFAPPLICATION), occupying document position (8:1) to (8:106).

    Date/Time: 11/14/13 09:41:06
    Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:24.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/24.0
    Remote Address:
    HTTP Referer:
    Query String: FuseAction=StartUpgrade

  8. Add I see a 2015 copyright on the site, I am updating my contact to reiterate my personal support for a rebirth of Bonsai. I suspect many others would agree. As a consultant, I continue to search for anything similar in capability, to no avail. I also continue to use Bansai daily. I still believe an updated version, especially one compatible with other applications, or a multifunction version (with calendar, notes, etc) with an android counterpart to a windows version would be valuable, marketable, and successful. Nothing I have found approaches the ease of use and flexibility of your product. Please update us add to the status. Thank you