Bonsai, DayNotez, and Project@Hand Classic Certified

For those of you who have “scored” a Palm Pre and want to run some of our apps under the MotionApps Classic emulator, we have gotten certification for Bonsai, DayNotez, and Project@Hand.

So, what does certification get you? From the MotionApps web site:

The Classic Certified Logo will help you easily identify Palm OS applications that are fully compatible with Classic and run well on a new powerful Palm Pre. Those apps will perform well and provide a familiar user experience. Even better, you can expect to see a significant improvement in the performance as Classic will be faster and more responsive then Treos and Centros were with Palm OS apps.

Keep in mind that Classic still does not support hotsync back to a desktop application, so running our apps on the Classic emulator means running them as “device only” apps. Quanto (one of our few apps that currently has no desktop counterpart anyway) was also tested on Classic (and works fine) but was not made into a certified signed application since there was a limit of 3 apps per developer at the time we submitted our products. Also, although Comet may work in Classic on the Pre, I doubt it would be very useful since the Pre’s call history log is not accessible from the Classic emulator.

The signed (Certified) Palm version of of Bonsai, DayNotez, and Project@hand can be download from the appropriate download pages on our site.

5 responses to “Bonsai, DayNotez, and Project@Hand Classic Certified”

  1. Excellent news! It was exciting to see DayNotez and Bonsai in the demo video they did, and even better to have all three apps officially certified.

  2. If you could at least find a way to export the data off the Palm Pre onto the desktop (or a cloud app), then I’ll remain a happy customer. If the info can only go one way, that’s better than nothing.