Project@Hand 2 v2.6.1 released

It’s been a long time in coming, but we’ve finally done an official release of Project@Hand 2 and Project@Hand 2 MSP, version 2.6.1.ProjLogoSM2

Some of what’s changed since the last release include:

  • Ability to sync to a storage card instead of just main memory
  • Better installation on Vista systems
  • Slightly improved configuration dialog layout
  • Ability to open a folder to the path of each configured project file
  • Ability to toggle the read-only and sync state of projects directly in the list
  • Ability to launch each project file in Microsoft Project

and in the handheld app itself:

  • Corrected some crashes that can occur with older Palm OS4 devices
  • Scheduling with constraints bug fixed

Those that already own Project@Hand 2 or would like to trial it for 30 days can get the new version from out download page.

Anyone wishing to purchase Project@Hand 2 or Project@Hand 2 MSP (version that syncs directly with Microsoft Project) can do so from our purchase page.