DayNotez for Pocket PC 1.5 has been released

IMG_1935This new version of DayNotez for Pocket PC resolves  compatibility issues with DayNotez running on Windows Mobile 6.1 devices that have SQL Server Compact 3.5 in ROM.

Changes include:

  • DayNotez now uses .NET Compact Framework v2 and SQL Server Compact v3.5 SP1 software. These components are now being include in ROM on the very latest versions of Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and provides the best compatibility with these devices.
  • The database is now named DayNotezDb3.sdf. Be sure to update your backup procedure if you backup your DayNotez database by name.

This is a free update for all DayNotez for Pocket PC v1.x users. See the README for more details or download the setup HERE.