Bonsai Desktop beta v5.0.1 build 3158 is available

A new major update of Bonsai Desktop v5.0.1 beta has been released. The install is for Bonsai desktop-only and Palm OS Desktop Edition users. User of Bonsai for Windows Mobile will be getting a new build with this update soon. This is a paid upgrade release for Bonsai Palm/Desktop Only v4 users. The new features target the desktop application; No changes have been made to the Palm OS app. More details including the download link can be found in the forum.

Changes in this beta update include:

  • Bonsai Desktop support of outline to outline file sync. Can be used by Bonsai USB users wishing to keep their outlines in sync between their local desktop and corresponding outlines on their USB drive.
  • Support for syncing outlines to Palm Pre devices for use with Bonsai for Palm OS software ***VIA*** the Classic emulator by MotionApps. Bonsai for Palm is certified for the Classic emulator and Bonsai Desktop can sync your desktop outlines with the Pre when it is connected as a USB mass storage device.
  • Improvements to the Find/Replace operations.
  • New Quick Filter feature.
  • Optimized Bonsai background processing, particularly improving CPU usage when the Bonsai app is placed into the background.
  • Support for importing and exporting of Bonsai outlines files in a Bonsai Palm (.pdb) format.
  • Added Alt+’0’ desktop shortcut to mirror the Shift+ Keypad ‘+’ shortcut for expanding the entire outline. This shortcut is easier to access on laptop PCs verses the keypad version and complements the Alt+’1′ … Alt+’4′ shortcuts for expanding the outline to level ‘n’.
  • The “Edit/Insert File Link” menu now allows multiple file links to be inserted.