Bonsai Window Mobile beta build 3100 updated

Bonsai WM Screenshot

A new Bonsai Desktop v4.2.8 beta has been released. More details including the download link can be found in the forum.

Changes in this beta update include:

  • Added toolbar for WM touch screen devices. The toolbar is not configurable at this time. The ability to configure the toolbar will come at a later time, possible sometime after the initial release of the WM product.
  • Find command is now supported. The find can be activated using the toolbar or the Menu/Edit/Find menu. The find supports incremental searching as you type. Options for the find can be accessed by clicking the “>>” button and include options to match case, include notes in the search and select direction of search. Currently the search begins at the current cursor location and ends at the top or bottom of the outline. I plan to change this so the search will wrap around to the top/bottom of the outline and continue until it gets back to the starting location.
  • Added note pane to the outline view in the WM application. The note pane can be shown and disabled via the View/Note menu. The size of the note pane can be adjusted on touch screen devices by tapping, holding and dragging the splitter (the divider between the outline and the note pane). For non-touch screen devices, the size of the note pane is fixed. The setting of the note pane status (enabled state and size) is not currently persisted but this will be added soon.
  • Fixed problems handling non-English characters by the WM application. The outline files written by Bonsai on the WM device will be in a UTF-8 encoding. The PC version of Bonsai can read this format but currently only writes the outline in a “local code page” encoding. The sync engine also behaves in the same way. This means that if non-English characters are used in an outline, the region settings on both the PC and WM device must match. With this change and the proper regional settings, non-English characters can be used both in the outline and in the outline file names.
  • Fixed problem browsing the outline list after opening an outline.
  • Resolved crash that sometimes occurs when configuring an item’s keywords.