Comet 2.3.1 has been released.

CometLogoSM We are happy to announce that we have now officially released Comet 2.3.1 (both desktop and handheld). This is mainly a maintenance release, but you should update your existing software when you get a chance.

For those of you not familiar with Comet, it is our call log history tool for Palm OS smartphones (Sorry, no Windows Mobile.. Only Palm OS Treos and Centros)

On the desktop side, changes since the last official release include:

  • Fixed sorting issue with duration column
  • Added column header “glyph” (graphic) to Call Type, Note Icon, and Peak Hours column headers.
  • Fixed issue where recovering a desktop file neglected to add notes from handheld side.
  • Notes that exist on the desktop for entries on the handheld that do not contain notes are now restored.
  • Deleted records on desktop are now also deleted on next sync to handheld. (known issue: deleted records on Handheld are not yet picked up by desktop)
  • Updated grid version
  • Updated toolbar version
  • Safeguards against corruption when switching users
  • <user>.dat.sync maintenance file now added
  • Fixed issue with manually deleted records not staying deleted.

And on the handheld side:

  • Fixed issue with Comet posting wrong phone number when using “dial alternate”.
  • Fixed issue with Comet dialing extra (extensions) when using “dial alternate” if not done via the spacebar.
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You can download the update or a trial copy from HERE