DayNotez for Palm OS v3.0.5 released

IMG_1935It’s been a long time in coming, but we’ve finally done an official release of DayNotez for Palm OS version 3.0.5.

Some of what’s changed since the last release include:

  • Improved sync code responsible for opening the desktop db. It will now be able to locate the db if the “My Documents” folder is moved by the user.
  • Fixed problem where under certain conditions the database could not be created if the directory did not exist.

and in the handheld app itself:

  • Fixed an issue which caused a crash on some systems when closing the SD archive after you modify an entry.
  • Fixes problems being launched from external apps and the maintenance (hidden) launch after each hotsync.
  • Is now aware of DateBk6 new range of IDs
  • Resolved a problem where private entries become unhidden in certain circumstances.

Those that already own DayNotez 3 or would like to trial it for 30 days can get the new version from out download page.

Anyone wishing to purchase DayNotez 3 can do so from our purchase page.